Guest Post – Arielle’s London Marathon Training and New Fundraising Tee

Guest Post - Arielle's London Marathon Training and New Fundraising Tee

Guest Post – Arielle’s London Marathon Training and New Fundraising Tee

This week we have our first guest post, coming from my Sister in Law, Arielle, who is running the London Marathon next month in aid of Diabetes UK and we’ll be donating 100% of the profits of a new Limited Edition design to her fundraising efforts. Here’s a little post about her story:

Every year since I can remember, I watch the London marathon on the Television. Like millions of others I am inspired by the dedication of the runners and the charitable spirit of the event.

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In March 2016 I ran the Plymouth half marathon. This was a real challenge and a tough run, at 5ft 3inches and certainly not of an athletic stature it was painful. I was not as prepared as I could have been, but I did it in a fairly good time. I thought my running days were over, to be honest I didn’t want to run anywhere ever again….




In April 2016 I tuned in for my annual viewing of the London marathon. Filled with pride and in awe of the participants I entered the ballot. Part of me has always wanted to do the London marathon and after recovering from the half marathon, how hard could it be? 35,000 people do this every year and most are novice runners? For those who don’t know the ballot is a lucky draw. People try year after year to get a place and don’t get in, and if I am honest I did not think I would ever get a place, especially not first time.

I remember the week that the results were coming out. Social media filled with disappointment and word that if you get in you will get a magazine through the door. By Wednesday still no news, My husband called me at work, he said someone has sent me a contract. I asked him to open this as I was not expecting anything…



Then he sent a picture of the magazine “you’re in”. I could not believe it. Every emotion you could think of ran through my body, I was in!





January 2016 marks the start of my brother Martyn’s journey, living with Type 1 diabetes. I’m sure he would agree a life changing and challenging condition. He is doing well but he is still learning how to manage day by day. A condition not understood by most due to the negative media portrayal of Type 2 diabetes. You cannot control your pancreas failing, you just have to live with it. Mentally the challenge is worse that the physical.

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As a family we were told that this could be in our genetics and were entered into a trial to see if we carried that same antibodies as Martyn.

Through this study I found out that I have the potential to develop Type 1 diabetes and will now be monitored till I’m 45. The likelihood is they may not be able to stop me from developing diabetes but they might learn from people like me, and find a way to stop others from developing the disease in the first place.

Guest Post - Arielle's London Marathon Training & New Fundraising Tee

Training for the marathon is draining mentally, emotionally and physically. My most recent long run 18.3 miles was brutal. It took every ounce of energy from me but I did it. My whole body burns and aches but I did it… now I only need to do that plus 8 more!

Why am I doing this to myself? My body is not designed to run this far that’s for sure. What I do know is the metal and physical pain is temporary and is not as difficult as the endurance of managing Diabetes for the rest of your life.

Without much needed donations Diabetes UK cannot fund such research. They would not be able to provide education and support to the millions they already do.

Thanks to Blueberry Boo Kids I may just reach my target to help in the fight against diabetes.

Arielle x

If you would like you support Arielle’s fundraising by purchasing one of our “Awesome” Tees for Kids and Adults you can find them HERE. 100% of the profits from each tee will be donated to Arielle’s fundraising total.

Guest Post - Arielle's London Marathon Training & New Fundraising Tee

If you would like to support Arielle’s fundraising in another way, even if its just a £1 donation, every little really does help Diabetes UK to help the next generation manage and beat Diabetes! –

You can follow Arielle’s training and marathon journey on Instagram and we will post an update next month.






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